The Painted Diaries – August (part 2)

The second half of The Painted Diaries for this month has uncovered even more art supplies that I hardly ever use. It seems that acrylics and watercolours are my go to art supplies. But what about all those other amazing mediums and colours? Now that I have rediscovered my stash, I hope to be using some of them more often!

Acrylics are definitely my paints of choice. I think the heavy body ones are my favourites. Making these swatches I remembered how lovely the liquid acrylics are.

I hardly ever use these two. Why not? One reason is because oil pastels are so smudgy and you have to do stuff (spray them?) to fix them. But… they are so rich and creamy!

I have had a long-time love affair with fountain pens and fountain pen inks. For years I have kept diaries where I match my fountain pen ink with the colour of the journal cover. The Iroshizuku inks are my favourites. Could I use them in my art? (Answer: you bet!)

Sometimes it’s great to be able to reach for a ready-mixed paint colour without having to mix your own. These swatches were painted while hanging out with dear art friends @one.good.girl and @misty.granade. Their lovely company plus painting swatches was soothing for my soul.

I’m not sure why the thin white paint pens are so much stronger than the thick ones. Must be something to do with physics…? I bought these WHSmith pencils ten years ago for a cartooning class and haven’t used them since. But, hey! The colours are really lovely. And sometimes it’s good to go with non-watersoluble, right?

I used the Windsor and Newton inks a LOT when I took the wonderful Pen + Ink class with @juliacusworth !

There are 120 colours in this wonderful set found at a garage sale years ago. (what a find!) They are all there in the box but somehow I managed to miss out two of them as I was making my swatches. I’m not sure now which ones I missed! I love how many different greys there are…

Continuing my theme of discovering how many of my art supplies I rarely use… some of these watercolour tubes from years ago weren’t even opened yet!
I’m not sure how to use tube watercolours. Something to add to my arty bucket list!

Favourite colour: warm yellow.
Favourite drawing pen: Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon ink.

I have really enjoyed making all these swatches. It is very therapeutic painting squares of colour next to each other like this. Plus, it is so handy having all my art supplies laid out together in one book. Now I can search for the exact shade of green to paint that chestnut leaf, or the kind of blue that evokes the sky as night is falling.

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