The Painted Diaries – September (part 1)

The theme for September in The Painted Diaries was a scavenger hunt using all sorts of found ephemera in our art journals. This month I was also planning to take part in the RAWonline class with Amanda Grace. I got a sense that at some point during the class we would be adding images and found words to our pages so I decided to combine the two projects into one.

Instead of completing a page a day, I would be working in layers across many pages at the same time, hopefully finishing the month with the same result – a book full of art journal pages. At more than one point during the month I found myself wondering if I had taken too much of a risk. Would I end up with an unfinished book of unfinished pages?

I usually start and finish a page within the same day, perhaps two at the most. So it was surprisingly challenging to work on several layers week after week, with the promise of completion only coming in the last week of the class. After a while, the sense of challenge turned into a great feeling of freedom. I could just play around on the page without thinking too much about what it all means or what I want to say or where I want it to go.

Here are the backgrounds created by the end of week 3 of the class. I found myself making more of a mess than I usually do. Some of these pages have already gone through several incarnations as I have added more layers. You will hopefully be seeing all of these pages again in my next post, this time with added imagery and found words, having reached some form of “finished”. They may end up looking quite different. Or perhaps they will only need another detail or two. I’m curious to see what happens!

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