Micro-seasons creative journey – September

It has been so wonderful charting the shift from summer to autumn in my micro-seasons journal this past month. Not surprisingly the focus has changed from flowers to trees and fruits.

I love how this project has opened my eyes to the nature that directly surrounds me. Almost all of these entires feature things that are growing in my garden (with the exception of the leaning tree in the park and the pomegranate tree in my sister’s garden.) I’m so happy to see my connection to nature is growing stronger with each passing micro-season.


I love the “back to school” feeling of this time of year. The excitement of things beginning once again after the summer. This feels like the new year to me – much more so than January 1st. The fact that Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New year) falls in the early autumn only serves to strengthen this feeling. I am excited to start new projects and to see friends.

Ash tree

I have been in high spirits the last few days, buoyed up by the golden sunshine and the first leaf-crunch steps of the autumn season. I think this might just be my time of year…


Glorious autumn days! The tiny apple tree in the wild garden produced this huge juicy apple. It is like a magical apple from a fairy tale.
Even on hot sunny days, the light is gentler than summer sun. The evenings are drawing in. I’m getting excited about wearing woolly jumpers again!


What a bountiful few days spent with friends and family. Eating together, dancing, talking, and celebrating. My niece got engaged, my dear friend’s daughter got married, and there was a beautiful memorial evening for my dad who died 25 years ago. My heart feels like a pomegranate bursting with love and joy.

Leaning tree

Arriving back home after being away. Moving slowly. Lots of rain and dim light. Fallen leaves are gathering in piles on the pavement. Many cups of warm tea.

I am amazed how there are always things on my walk through the park that I have never noticed before. For example, this tree that is leaning as if the wind were blowing it over. I noticed it now because the surrounding trees are still green while the leaves of this one are aflame.


The new moon and the start of a new year in the Jewish calendar. Rosh Hashana — the head of the year. Rain aplenty, washing away the old. Glorious sunny moments bringing a sense of promise for the coming 12 months. Dipping slices of apple into honey to signify and invite sweetness into our lives. Trying out “early to bed and early to rise”…

Wishing a lovely autumn to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere. And a happy spring to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere!

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