The Painted Diaries – September (part 2)

Much of September was spent working on backgrounds for the RAWonline class with Amanda Grace. The final stage in the process came towards the end of the month when we were at last “allowed” to add imagery and words. This was also the point where the RAWonline class and the scavenger hunt theme for The Painted Diaries came together; I got to bring out all the photos, magazine images, wrappers and packaging that I had been saving.

Some pages involved fairly simple additions to the already prepared background. With others, the additions invited further changes. The pages ended up looking completely different, with much of the original background covered up.

I found myself doing something new for me – using photos of myself in my art. I really enjoyed it! I chose some happy smiley pics but also more thoughtful, perhaps even moody ones. Somehow these pictures helped make the whole journal feel more personal.

A few of the things I learned in this class:

  • Taking time to build up layers without thinking of the finished page.
  • Working on several pages at once.
  • Not being too attached to the outcome or to what you’ve already created. Being willing to cover it all up.
  • Realising that if you do end up covering it all up, it won’t really be lost anyway because the layers show through.

Here are the completed pages from this month’s adventures. I’m surprised and delighted to find that many of them are quite optimistic and upbeat!

Model from hairdressing magazine. Stickers from Empower Arts.

Wolf from Womankind magazine. Model from hairdressing magazine.

Image from Selvedge magazine.

The dancing girls are from Mildred’s restaurant business cards.

Image from Selvedge magazine.

Image from Womankind magazine.

Wrapper from the most delicious orange chocolate in the whole world – Conscious Chocolate.

Thanks for joining me on a tour through my September Painted Diaries journal. It was a lot more work than I had planned and at one point during the month I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew and that I would end up with a book of unfinished backgrounds. But, somehow, it all came together. Phew!

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