The Painted Diaries – November (part 1)

Has this year been going by quickly or is it just me? A new month also means a new theme in The Painted Diaries and this month’s theme is ‘monochromatic’ — picking one colour and sticking with it. The idea is that this limitation can create a paradoxical sense of freedom. All the energy that might get caught up in choosing can go into the art instead. I have chosen my favourite colour, indigo.

I guess I hadn’t quite finished with drawing animals when this month began.
Meet Travis, my brother’s adorable dog. The end result looks less like Travis than I had hoped but my brother assures me that I have managed to capture something of his Travis-ness!

I had a feeling I went a bit overboard with the colour in my portrait of Travis, so I decided to scale things right back with my next page – a copy of one of my favourite family photos. I wanted to use the single colour as a way of exploring light and shadow.

Even though I didn’t have a particular theme when the month began, I soon realised I wanted to link my pages to The Season of Reflections at  Get Messy Art . I decided to dedicate my monochromatic pages to the theme of reflection. In particular, as I have been reflecting back on the year so far, I felt drawn to express greatfulness for the many blessings in my life.

This page about all the lovely things I can do for my feet was very much influenced by the self-care oracle cards I have been making at Art Witch Academy. I extended my monochromatic approach to include mixing my colour of choice (indigo) with metallic white gold watercolour paint to create shimmery toenails!

The Season of Reflection involves looking forwards as well as back. Having goals and making them happen is not my strong suit. So I decided I need a little help! I have enrolled in ‘Level Up’ with Caylee Grey — a step towards painting on the great canvas of life. It starts in just one week’s time. I’m excited!

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