Self-care Oracle Cards

Caroline Hiscock’s‘s Self-care Oracle Cards seminar at Art Witch Academy has felt like the perfect nourishment for the deep Autumn that has arrived here in the UK.

I love how the different seminars at Art Witch Academy inform and enrich each other. The work we did earlier this year on mapping our personal symbols really came in handy when making these cards. It felt good to be able to tap into an already existing personal  language. Oracle, Fire, Nature, and Tea walked right out of that project and into this one!

I made the cards in two batches, creating colourful backgrounds, listing some of my favourite self-care actions, and drawing some doodles. The whole process felt very relaxed and like an act of self-care in and of itself. Here are the first 16 cards:


By the time I came to the second half of my self-care oracle deck, there were several actions on my list that felt like they didn’t have so much energy any more. Instead, all sorts of new actions started popping up and these feel like my favourites now, especially the Cave card which pretty much sums up what I’d like to be doing for the next 5 months!

The last card I added was Play because I can definitely get a bit serious when I am trying to take care of myself. This card reminds me to have fun while I’m at it. I am absolutely in love with them and can’t wait to put them to good use!

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