Micro-seasons creative journey – November

Considering there have been so many gorgeous autumnal colours on display this month, I’m surprised to find that most of the entries in my journal have been of plants that are looking quite fresh and green!

A strange few days involving several disharmonious communications. Feeling the need to assert healthy boundaries. Meanwhile, I’m in the 4th week of a persistent cough that is showing no signs of going anywhere. After quite an upbeat autumn so far, I am feeling the first stirrings of a desire to hibernate!

I first encountered European Smoketree at the yoga retreat in France this August but I had to draw it again this week because here it is in my garden at home wearing so many different colours!

The weather, too, has been wearing different colours from one hour to the next – pouring rain and brilliant sunshine and many shades in between.

This micro-season began with a hibernatory mood which was very enjoyable. By the time of the full moon, though, it was less restful – up at 4am, my head full of thoughts!

When it starts to get dark in the afternoon, it feels like the day is already over. As a result, I don’t seem to be getting much done at the moment!

As it gets chillier, I find myself wanting to curl up inside my nest. Feeling introverted but also dreamy. A good time to consult the oracle.

I didn’t spot any daffodils but I did notice this flowering plant in the park. I wouldn’t have imagined such delicate flowers would appear in the autumn! It has been a relatively quiet week for me. Trying not to talk too much because of my lingering cough. Making appointments to check all is well. (I am happy to say that all does seem to be well.) It feels good to take care.

The park is looking especially beautiful at the moment because each tree seems to have its own colour leaves. So many scattered around tree trunks, others still on their branches. The dark cement pathways are scattered with leaves made translucent by the rain. All the colours laid out in celebration.

Ah, yes. Back to some autumn colours once again. Phew!

2 Replies to “Micro-seasons creative journey – November”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your cough Divsy…it gets very wearisome doesn’t it. I really hope it clears up soon. Your rainbow leaves made me smile and look so happy, thank you.
    We’re just waiting at Changai Airport for our third and longest flight of the day back to LHR! xx

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely message, Gilly! You must be in the middle of your flight from Changai. I hope it’s been a good one and that you got some shut-eye! I loved seeing some of the photos from your trip. You looked radiant and like you’ve been having a fabulous time.

      I’m off on a winter sun holiday tomorrow morning to Barbados! Still up doing the last of the packing. Soooooo excited. I hope the sea air will see off the last of this cough!!!
      Much love to you and hope we get to meet up soon. 2020! Sounds like a sci fi film!!!!


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