The Painted Diaries — December (part 1)

December’s theme in The Painted Diaries is found words. I started the month intending to use fragments of overheard conversations but pretty soon switched to using material from my own notebook.

I have been exploring my creative story as part of the Level Up class with Caylee Grey. (Level Up is all about discovering your creative dreams are and making them come true!) When I looked over what I had written each day, certain words and phrases jumped out at me and seemed perfect for my Painted Diaries journal.

It has felt quite relaxing having a break from drawing. In addition, this project has been the perfect way for me to reflect on my creative journey and the realisations I have been having in the Level Up class.

I always find it amazing to see what happens when you take a phrase out of its original setting and give it lots of room to breathe.

As I continued to explore my creative story there was one word that kept coming up again and again: CONNECT. Connection with myself and my inner world. Connection with others, sharing what is most important to me and creating magic together. Connection with nature and this beautiful earth that is our home. Connection with the universe and the mystery that can infuse all our moments, big and small. I have never yet had the experience of choosing one word for the year, but I think if I was going to choose one word for next year it would be this.

It’s interesting to see how the sentence I intended to write starts to say different things when the words are broken up in the middle…

Writing across the page like this is inspired by the All Shapes and Sizes watercolour workshop with Misty Mawn I love this way of writing so much. I feel like I could write a whole diary like this.

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