The Painted Diaries — December (part 2)

It’s been great fun finding words within the pages of my writing notebook. Somehow, words and phrases sound more interesting when they are taken out of the company of other words and given lots of room to breathe.

At points along my journey this was how I felt about my creativity. Now that I think of it, this could be applied to many of the things that have been important to my heart and soul — notes from my creative story which I am exploring in the Level Up class with Caylee Grey .

The lady in the card I chose from the Zillich Tarot wore a striking red glove. These are some of the qualities it represented for me: love, passion, creativity, adventure, joy! I love how a small detail in the cards can open up a whole world of association.

The image of the Golden Thread encapsulates all the twists and turns of my creative journey so far. Even though the outer forms are constantly changing, there is something inside that is guiding me. My work is to keep following.

Stone reminds me to slow down even when things are moving fast around me.

This page came out of some really illuminating dream work in the
Courting the World Soul online class with Sharon Blackie . (I also got to use my new vintage pastels watercolours which I have swiftly fallen in love with!)

My big brother Jonny knows everything in the whole wide world.

Love this quote from the Pilgrim card in The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck.

A message from words themselves… Plus I finally got round to sorting through my art trolley which led to me finding my date stamp! I bought this for The Painted Diaries at the start of 2019 and forgot I had it. So as you can see I’m making up for lost time!

Today’s found words come from the title of a book that has completely caught my imagination and that I hope to journey with during the coming year. Bowl of Wellbeing is ‘a one year program for women to explore self care through Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation’. Run by Mary Paffard and her daughter, Cyd Bernstein, it is presented as an online course each year. Lucky for many of us, it has also become available as a book so that women all round the world can benefit from the guidance and insight of this journey. Each month there is a specific Ayurvedic principle to explore, along with a yoga posture, a meditation, an artist and a goddess!

I usually rebel against self-imposed disciplines and structures. However, I have discovered that where art is concerned the opposite appears to be the case! My #microseasonscreativejourney and #divyams30daysofyoga showed me how I can use the accountability of an art project to connect me with the things I want to focus on in my life.

In 2020, I plan to journey month by month along with this wonderful book, journaling about my experience in #divyamsbowlofwellbeing .
You can learn more about the online course here.

These last words were found in my Micro-seasons creative journey journal.

And so we have come to the last day of December! I can’t quite believe I have just made 365 pages of art in this incredible project. Stay tuned for a video flip-thru of the entire year’s art in its very own post along with an overview of the challenges and learnings along the way.

Thank you so much for following along with me as I have made my way through the year. All your encouragement has cheered me on and kept me going!

Wishing you all a very happy new year and may the coming year (and the coming decade!) be filled with much creativity and joy.

Divyam xxx

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