Micro-seasons creative journey – December

December has been an interesting month for following the micro-seasons. I spent the first couple of weeks of the month on a wonderful beach holiday in Barbados, came home for a few days and then travelled to Israel for a family celebration. As a result, the pages this month are tending more towards colourful blooms rather than bare trees (although they also make an appearance!)

We have travelled from darkening days to the bright sunlight of Barbados. Each day I am filling my basket with the golden light of the sun.

My favourite thing to do in the world: bobbing up and down with the waves in the sea together with Keerti. Feeling light and playful and so grateful to be here.

While I am here, I am taking the time to reflect on the year that has been and the one that is coming. Realising just how much I enjoy sharing and connecting with others.

We are aware our holiday is drawing to a close. Feeling full of love, sunlight, sea, and sky. Each day is like a bonus. We are ready to return home.

While we were away, the willow tree finally shed all its leaves. Now, more than ever, it looks like it belongs in a Japanese Haiku. I feel strangely unsettled because, even though I have just arrived home, I am about to travel again.

This beautiful flower is growing just outside my sister’s window. I guess it’s the sleeping variety because it remains closed and drooping downwards. This is how I felt this week: quite inward and wanting to do not very much whilst also celebrating with family and feeling the flow of love and joy.

I had an unexpected retreat this week when I turned out not to be booked for a yoga workshop I thought I was booked for! I welcomed the chance to rest after my travels, to throw away old junk, to make art, to do some restorative yoga, and to do nothing. It has been glorious. I love how bare the trees looked when I walked in the park. Sometimes, when the leaves are gone, you can see the treeness of the tree. (This tree belongs in a fairy tale or in a Tim Burton movie!)

While 2019 might be coming to an end, there are another few weeks to go until the end of the ancient Japanese calendar of the micro-seasons. I look forward to returning to you in January with some more wintery scenes!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year! May it be filled with love and creativity and joy.

Divyam xxx

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