A year of painted diaries

Never before could I have imagined that I would stick with a daily art project for a whole year! Taking part in The Painted Diaries with the ever inspiring Riet Poch has not only helped me to keep to this goal but also to expand my art making skills and have a lot of fun in the process.

I had tried to stick with a daily art project in 2018. Even though I really enjoyed it, I found myself running out of steam by the end of April. So what is it that helped me stick with the project for an entire year?

I think the biggest thing that kept me going was being part of a community of fellow artists all working on the same themes. This gave me the energy and inspiration to keep going and also added an element of accountability which is so helpful when attempting to stick to an art goal. I also loved how adaptable the project was. I could spend just a few minutes a day when things were busy or get really stuck into the page when I had more time.

Having a different theme or material each month also really helped me to keep expanding my skills into unfamiliar territory. Even with materials I thought I knew, focusing on them for a month at a time helped me to expand the ways in which I was using them.

It’s was great not knowing what new themes were coming in future months. This helped me totally dive into each month without distraction plus I loved the element of surprise when the coming month’s theme was announced!

In many ways, The Painted Diaries has become the backbone of my art practice. I would be sad this wonderful year of making art is over, except it is now beginning all over again!

But before diving in to this new journey, I would like to take a moment to celebrate The Painted Diaries 2019. Here is a video showing a flip through of the entire year. I’m turning the pages pretty fast here! If you would like to take a more leisurely journey through the images, you can find links to all of the posts from each month’s Painted Diaries here.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

January: Blind contour drawings

February: Colour assemblage

March: Watercolour

Combined with found poetry.

April: Texture

Subject: an oracle of queens.

May: Artist Inspiration

Artist: Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

June: Mark Making

Material: Sumi ink

July: Choose your own theme

Chosen theme: the five elements.

August: swatches

September: Scavenger hunt

Combined with the RAWonline class with Amanda Grace.

October: Drawing

Focus: drawing animals.

November: Monochrome

Focus: gratitude.

December: Found words

Source of words: my writing notebook.

2 Replies to “A year of painted diaries”

  1. What a wonderful collection, you’ve done fabulously well…my favourites have to be April – textures and November – monochrome. I can’t wait to see how your book fills up this year! 😊


    1. Thanks so much, Gilly. It’s great to hear your favourites! I think April was a highlight for me too. Those queens really captured my heart! Wishing you a wonderful and creative year. It always makes me so happy to see your gorgeous posts – both of you and your art!!! Lots of love xxx


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