The Painted Diaries 2.0 – January (part 1)

During the last few weeks of 2019, I was pondering a very important question: which journal to use for The Painted Diaries 2020? One thing was clear to me: after pushing my paper to the limit last year, I knew I needed to use watercolour paper so that I would be free to throw all and every kind of art material in there without dissolving my book into pulp.

After much deliberation, I chose a potentially time-consuming and non-sensible option: to bind my own journals. I’m looking forward to the freedom of being able to work big or small, classic or accordion, landscape or portrait.

My first hand-bound journal is an A5 book, inspired by a tutorial from Misty Mawn in her All Shapes and Sizes watercolour workshop. Even though I am not using wet media this month, it feels so good to be using such sturdy paper. I don’t need to worry about the black ink from my drawing pens going through to the other side of the page. Phew!

January in The Painted Diaries is all about pattern drawing. Meanwhile, over at Get Messy Art, the Season of Home is about to begin. I’ve decided to dust off those home decor catalogues and put them to good use, combining these two themes in an exploration of what home means to me. Here are my pages from the first half of January:

We don’t have many plants in our house
but we do have lots of mirrors.


What is it that creates the feeling of home?
Is it the walls?
Or the stuff on the walls?

Apart from the mirrors, we have a lot of empty wall space.
I would like to fill it with my art.

I do like space though…
It gives me room to just be.
(Ah… I can breathe in here!)

What does home mean to you?
Home is a place I feel cosy & safe.
It’s something you feel when you walk through the door…

The cosiest place to be is bed.
The second cosiest place is the sofa.

It is so satisfying to gather together things of a similar nature and give them a home.

One object can change an entire room…
My least favourite object is the clock.
(Tick tock)
The candle = an antidote to clocks.

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