The Painted Diaries 2.0 – February (part 1)

With February being all about intuitive art in The Painted Diaries, I took an intuitive approach to painting the covers of my February journal. I chose some colours I was drawn to, painted them onto the covers without thinking too much about what I was doing, and then looked to see which shapes suggested themselves. And I couldn’t help adding some spirals and dots after January’s pattern-drawing exploration.

I’m so glad I decided to bind my own journals for each month of this project. It gives me a chance to expand my bookbinding skills and allows me to make choices depending on the theme in question and the month ahead. February was looking decidedly busier than January so I decided to work small (A6/pocket size).

All the pages in this first half of the month were inspired by a wonderful intuitive art tutorial with Caroline Hiscock. It has been so freeing working in this intuitive way. I have loved being surprised each day by the characters that have come to visit. And I’m finding it interesting to see how the art that is emerging through this method is infused with an atmosphere of feeling, longing, and connection.

The spirals that I used on the cover ended up following me through the journal! I loved the way they made the space around and between the figures come to life.


Dancing with the moon


A cute but slightly worried looking dog

weaving energy/martial arts dance

The golden bowl


The bearer of the rock


The circle of women




The embrace

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