The Painted Diaries 2.0 – February (part 2)

The intuitive art theme of this last month’s Painted Diaries transformed my least favourite month into a dream-like and playful exploration. I fell in love with the characters that appeared each day and couldn’t help but imagine the stories they came from.

January’s pattern-drawing theme definitely played a big part in embellishing the figures once they emerged. This is one of the things I love about this project: each new approach adds to my toolkit and combines with new themes along the way. I’m sure this intuitive approach will be something I come back to again and again in my art practice.

I also love how, towards the end of the month, the pages started “talking” to each other, appearing in pairs such as the reader and the writer or the two aunts.

Here are the pages from the last couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them!

The Oracle

Carrying the shopping


Tea dance

Midnight post

The cloak

The nervous thief


Tie chi


Starchild plays with the world

The reader

The Writer

The formidable aunt with a heart of gold

The aunt with the contagious laugh

These aunts got me thinking about a wonderful book called ‘The Complete Book of Aunts’ by Rupert Christiansen. Check out these fabulous chapter titles:

Mothering aunts
Literary aunts
Heroic aunts
Exotics and eccentrics
X-rated aunts
Damned bad aunts
Fairy-tale aunts
Bargain aunts
Twenty-first century aunts.

I wonder which kind of aunt I am?

Wishing you all a lovely March,

Divyam xxx

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