The Painted Diaries 2.0 – March (part 1)

This month in The Painted Diaries we are painting with our fingers! I can’t think of anything as satisfying as smooshing paint around with my bare hands. On top of these abstract backgrounds I’ve been drawing – most often a self-portrait – and adding a phrase taken from my tarot journal.

Much as I love my daily tarot card readings each morning, I often forget about them as the day progresses. This month’s theme has been wonderful because it gives me the chance to reconnect with the meaning of the cards during the course of the day.

Even though I have been binding my own journals so far this year, This month I decided to use a ready-made sketchbook gifted to me by my friend Heather. It didn’t seem so essential to bind my own or to use heavy-duty watercolour paper as I knew I was going to be applying gesso to the pages. Another feature of this lovely journal is the fact that it’s A4 size which allows plenty of room to play!

Looking at things in the light of the moon

Hold true to your vision

I have both these energies

Shine your light

Be steady

Be gentle with yourself

A quiet joy

Creative projects ready to hatch

Somewhere between the beginning and the end, a flower comes into bloom

Step into the fire to regain your spiral of energy

Don’t get lost in the watery realms

Another way of seeing



Gratitude. Kindness. Love. Friendliness.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.
– Rumi

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