100 days of making comics (week 7)

Much of this week was taken up with the animal diary. I found the result really powerful, an expression of this strange Covid-weary moment in time.

Animal Diary

Each day, for four days, I wrote a page of whatever was on my mind. On the opposite page, I drew a picture of an animal and then spent time colouring it in. On the fifth day, I created a four-panel comic, copying each animal into their own panel. Then I chose the first line from each day’s writing and attributed one line to each animal.

You see it when it sees you

The idea of this exercise to draw an object as if it is aware of you as you are seeing it. And to draw yourself as it sees you. To write about the object and then have the object write about you.

I found this exercise a little strange to do. The drawings look a little creepy to me — both me and my furry friend staring at each other with huge eyes! In real life he looks much sweeter, I promise!

Triangle diary

In this exercise the page is once again divided by a big X with a different scene from the last 24 hrs in each triangle. Here’s cartoon me, eating chocolate yeast cake, talking on the phone, doing some nee physio exercises with a stretchy band, and watching ‘Midnight Diner’ on TV.

Then, on a new page, one of the triangle scenes is extended to fill the whole page. The chocolate yeast cake won!

I was surprised at how disorienting I found it trying to draw in triangle shaped panels. I need right angles! I need some semblance of order in the chaos! So don’t be surprised if you see me back in regular squares next week…

Thanks for joining me for another week of 100 days of making comics! All exercises are from the awesome ‘Making Comics’ book by Lynda Barry.

2 Replies to “100 days of making comics (week 7)”

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely message, Pam! I’m so glad you like Midnight Diner too! Something about it is so nourishing, which I guess isn’t surprising as it’s connected to food! Lots of love to you xxx

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