A strange moment

It’s been an interesting moment since my recent project came to an end. Before anything new has yet to come along, it’s been great to have time to breathe out after the intensity of working for hours each day on a specific theme. On the other hand, it has felt unsettling to find myself suddenly without a focus.

Add into the mix both the strangeness of the current moment – when we are not quite in lockdown and yet things are not quite free flowing either – and the strangeness imposed upon me by my physical limitations. The result is perfect material for a comic in Yiddish and English.

This zine was created in the space of an hour at a wonderful zine-making hangout hosted by the ever inspiring Debbie Bamberger and Wendy Solganik for Get Messy Art. I hope you enjoy reading it. There will be more Yiddish comics coming soon!

A Strange Moment/A Modne Moment

2 Replies to “A strange moment”

  1. Strange times indeed Divsy, as you say we’re freer but not free and down here in Cornwall there has been a huge influx of people since Easter making us feel quite anxious about travelling too far even though we’re fully vaccinated.
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re still in lots of pain every day and do think your idea of flying is just the answer…how fun would that be…and quick!
    Take care, lots of love Gillyxx

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    1. Hi Gilly, I’m sorry to hear of how crowded it has been down in Cornwall! And can totally imagine how everyone is flocking down there at a time when overseas travel is so complicated. That is not enjoyable or relaxing for you, though! I do hope things quieten down soon, perhaps once measures are lifted even more.
      In the meantime sending you heaps of love and hope you are enjoying the sunshine and the sea air…


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