Watercolour sketching class (part 1)

I am a big fan of Felix Scheinberger’s fabulous watercolour sketches. I love how everything looks so chaotic and free and gorgeous. So I was thrilled to discover that he teaches a class on Domestika, the online community for creatives.

I am about a third of the way through the course so far and I am loving it. Scheinberger’s teaching style is dynamic and inspiring and yet each principle he presents seems easy to grasp and to put into action.

Here are the pages in my watercolour sketchbook so far!


I created this self portrait on my birthday. It was a day which did not go as planned and yet it was somehow perfect. A bit like this picture! I would love to learn how to leave some lighter or emptier spaces. I can’t seem to help myself filling everything in. This was fun, though!

Blind contour drawings

These self-portraits were created by touching the outlines of the face with one hand while drawing with the other. Then adding in details afterwards. I love how they turned out, especially the second one. I would like to get to know this person!

Outlines and silhouettes

I often find it really tricky drawing people in various postures. The class on silhouettes and outlines was a game changer. Turns out, if you start with a quick silhouette, the outlines can come later and are so much easier. Yay!

Art Kit

I enjoyed this exercise a lot, although I felt I was more true to the smaller objects. Things got a bit out of hand with the watercolour box. I think I got overwhelmed by all the different parts of it and stopped actually looking at what I was drawing. Note to self: slow down and take the time…!

Shot settings

Playing around with different shot settings while watching a clip from the train scene in ‘High Noon’. My favourite was the close-up. I got totally into the look on the character’s face.

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