The Pilgrimage (part 1)

Last week, I began a new journal which is in equal parts guidebook, prayer flag, treasure map, and oracle. A conversation with ancestors and with myself. Charting my journey on ‘The Pilgrimage’, a 7-week exploration with the community of friends and fellow travellers at Yelala.

I wanted to have a sense of journeying through a landscape and was drawn to use a concertina journal, which is essentially one long page that just keeps going and going – a bit like the path or route in a journey (with all its twists and turns). In this video you can get a sense of the pages and images flowing one into the other. Check out the images below for a closer look.

The oracle card drawn on the first page is from the ‘Wild Unknown Archetypes’ deck by Kim Krans, and the image of the egg is a copy of the egg which appears on the ‘Starborn’ card. This is a fabulous deck and I can heartily recommend it for all of life’s journeys!

The lines, ‘You are the only explorer./Your heart the unreadable compass.’, come from the poem, ‘Breaking Surface’, by Mark Nepo.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. More to follow soon!

Divyam xxx


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