My Year in Yiddish (week 13)

This week’s post is slightly shorter due to the fact that the first little book, along with the first season of the year, has come to an end. It has been an absolute joy and an incredible learning process to chart my days in Yiddish these last three months.

A new little book is about to begin and, with it, a new theme. (More to be revealed soon!) In the meantime, here are the last few pages of my Yiddish diary. I think this might just be the first week that hasn’t featured food. Tea is a close second but not quite the same!

Telling family stories over a cup of tea and a piece of cake with my cousin. Her Bobba and my Bobba were sisters. What an amazing photo!

Dertsayln mishpokhe-mayses bay a tepl tey un a shtikl tort mit mayn kuzinke. Ir bobe un mayne zenen geven shvester. Vos far a vunderlikhe fotografiye!

דערציילן משפּחה־מעשׂות בײַ אַ טעפּל טײ און אַ שטיקל טאָרט מיט מײַן קוזינקע. איר באָבע און מײַנע זענען געװען שװעסטער. װאָס פֿאַר אַ װוּנדערלעכע פֿאָטאָגראַפֿיע!

Today I drank many cups of tea!
Haynt hob ikh getrunken a sakh teplekh tey!
!הײַנט האָב איך געטרונקען אַ סך טעפּלעך טײ

English breakfast – Englisher Frishtik – ענגלישער פֿרישטיק
Earl Grey – Graf Groy – גראַף גרוי
Elderberry – Bozberl – באָזבערל
Nettle – Kropeve – קראָפּעװע
Night-time Tea – Baynakhtiker tey – בײַנאַכטיקער טײ

I think it’s about time for me to get a haircut…
Not at all! I think it’s perfect just as it is!

Ikh meyn az s’iz shoyn tsayt far mir zikh tsu opshern…
Bikhlal nisht! Ikh mayn az s’iz perfekt punkt azoy!

איך מײן אַז ס’איז שוין צײַט פֿאַר מיר זיך צו אָפּשערן
בכלל נישט! איך מײן אַז סאיז פּערפֿעקט פּונקט אַזוי!

Swimming – Shvimen – שװימען

It snowed! For about 3 minutes!
S’iz gegangen a shney! Far dray minut arum!
איז געגאַנגען אַ שנײ! פֿאַר דרײַ מינוט אַרום

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