Der Tshaynik – A Yiddish Folktale (part 2)

With the second instalment of Der Tshaynik (The Tea Kettle), we are well and truly underway. I am enjoying working within several new constraints: no speech bubbles, keeping the text concise, and a muted colour palette. After three months of diary comics, however, it is taking all my willpower not to add speech bubbles to my illustrations. Once the plot thickens, I may well have to succumb!

The second unusual thing: the kettle broke…
…די צװײטע טשיקאַװע זאַך: דער קעסל האָט צעבראָכן
Di tsveyte tshikave zakh: der kesl hot tsebrokhn…

Kneidl went exploring and found a box that had been stored away.
.קנײדל איז געגאַנגען אויספֿאָרשן און אױסגעפֿונען אַ פּודלע װאָס איז געװאָרן אַװעקגעלײגט
Kneydl iz gegangen oysforshn un oysgefunen a pudle vos iz gevorn avekgeleygt.

The biggest thing in the box was Bobba’s old tea kettle…
…די גרעסטע זאַך אין דער פּודלע איז געװען באָבעס אַלטער טשײַניק
Di greste zakh in der pudle iz geven bobes alter tshaynik…

It was a bit rusty and smelled like the earth after the rain.
.ער איז געװען אַ ביסל פֿאַרזשאַװערט און האָט געשמעקט מיט דער ערד נאָכן רעגן
Er iz geven a bisl farzhavert un hot geshmekt mit der erd nokhn regn.

Ray filled the kettle with water and turned on the stove…
…רײ האָט אָנגעפֿילט דעם טשײַניק מיט װאַסער און אונטערגעהײצט די גאַזפּליטע
Rey hot ongefilt dem tshaynik mit vaser un untergeheytst di gazplite…

And that is when the third unusual thing happened.
.אַון אָט אין דעם מאָמענט איז די דריטע טשיקאַװע זאַך געשען
Un ot in dem moment iz di drite tshikave zakh geshen.

Thanks so much for following along with the story as it unfolds. Stay tuned for the next installment!

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