The Everyday Adventures of Mythology Girl

The Everyday Adventures of Mythology Girl is a cartoon series which follows its heroine, Sky, on her adventures in the “excellent metropolis” of London. There is so much she wants to explore! She has escaped the destiny that was laid out for her. But for how long?


Meanwhile she is enjoying many adventures in London: eating huge amounts of Victoria Sponge cake; falling in love with the cute guy from the bakery; visiting her grandmother, The Oracle; performing live poetry; creating outlandish hairstyles at Gloria’s Glorious Salon; and going on a World Tour! She is having so much fun, she even has her own Facebook page!

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Autobiographical Cartoons


Long before I began the cartoon series The Everyday Adventures of Mythology Girl, I spent years drawing cartoons about my own adventures in everyday life. I drew cartoons about all the little things that made me smile: drinking tea with a good friend, baking a cake, writing a poem. I drew cartoons about all the little things that troubled me, too: the dread of going to the dentist, having a sore foot, or feeling lost and unsure about what to do next.

I noticed that these cartoons had quite a therapeutic effect. When I drew a cartoon about something that worried me, I found that I was no longer quite so concerned. When I drew a cartoon about something that made me smile, I found that the feeling of happiness only increased each time I looked at what I had drawn. It seems I had stumbled on a fantastic method: Cartoon Therapy! You can read more about Cartoon Therapy here and here.

For more cartoons, check out my Tumblr, Divyam’s Doodles!

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