Handmade story books

IMG_8760These handmade story books grew out of a love of storytelling and a fascination with the art of bookbinding. There is nothing quite like the immediacy of telling a story to a small group of people. In recent years, I have found myself moving away from traditional fairy tales and folk tales and instead making up spontaneous stories in the moment of the telling. I am as surprised by what happens as the listener!

The handmade story books seek to replicate the immediacy of the storytelling experience. The story is written out by hand as it unfolds. Once the tale is told, the bookbinding is completed with a cover suited to the tale. Each book is a unique communication created for a single reader.

He tried to spend the coin but, for some strange reason, no one would accept it as payment. It was too much. Too little. The wrong currency. He tried to give it away. He went to the oldest part of the city where the people, along with the buildings, slowly crumbled, and offered the coin to the beggars there. But they, too, refused…

— The Flower Seller and the Silver Coin of the Moon

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