The Painted Diaries – April (part 3)

I keep thinking I am going to run out of textured material. But it would seem that textures are everywhere, and so are The Queens. Here are the queens that appeared in my art journal this week. Enjoy! Brayer Ribbon Crayon (neocolor I) Lace (and puffy hearts!) Gelli prints Sheet music Paperclips

The Painted Diaries – April (part 2)

Some interesting queens have appeared in my art journal over this past week. My pages are becoming more and more curved around what lies beneath them. That's one way to be sure there is some good 3D texture going on! Tin foil Washi tape Glitter I love how the light reflects off the glitter. Masking …

The Painted Diaries – April (part 1)

My take on the texture theme in this month's Painted Diaries is inspired by my recent obsession with learning tarot. Queens seem to be popping up everywhere: in the cards, in movies, and in my dreams. I don’t tend to use much 3D texture in my art so this is an interesting experiment for me. …

Thunder sings

It’s so easy to overlook the bush bedside the fence at the front of the house. That is, until it is brim-ful with beautiful white flowers that smell so sweet. No thunder outside; it is sunny and bright. Feeling rumblings inside though.

The sparrow builds her nest

There’s something so bold about dandelions. Big beautiful shining suns. They give me a feeling of courage. I’ve been feeling chirpy the last few days. I’ve also been drawn to drink coffee (which I don’t usually drink.) What’s that about?

The Painted Diaries – March (part 3)

I love it that poetry is back in my life. I have a feeling it will continue to make an appearance in my art journal pages even after this month is done. Here are my watercolour found poems for the last week in The Painted Diaries: I love how even though I think I am …

Leaf insects turn into butterflies

Is time moving super fast or is it just me? Almost as soon as I've posted about the current micro-season it seems the next one is almost over. Phew! These tiny flowers are half the size of the drawing I made of them. I nearly missed them altogether, in their spot at the foot of …

The Painted Diaries – March (part 2)

I am really enjoying this month's theme in The Painted Diaries. It feels so good to have included some poetry in my art practice. Here are the pages from the past week. For this page, I chose several earthy colours I almost never use: burnt umber, raw umber and raw sienna. I love how golden …

The first peach blossoms

Next door to the magical cherry blossoms, the magnificent Magnolia tree came into bloom. Each flower is a bowl filled with promise, holding its precious contents despite the strong winds that have blown so much else away. This is how my heart feels.

Hibernating creatures open their doors

I just love the title of this micro-season. I nearly missed these tiny flowers on my walk round the park this week, peeking out among the rocks and last autumn's fallen leaves on the side of the path. It's so perfect that the animal of the season is the dark spotted frog. I keep seeing …