The Reluctant Crone

This 6-page spread was made during The Reluctant Crone class with Juliana Coles. It was an incredible process which took me about a month to complete, involving many layers of journal writing, multi-media warm-ups, and consulting of the tarot.

Each circle or mandala represents a phase in the journey of woman. The project was intended to include three mandalas – maiden, mother, and crone – but Juliana encouraged us to include as many (or as few) mandalas as we felt were needed. I wanted to include the phase of the High Priestess, inspired by the women’s initiation work I have done with Jewels Wingfield at EarthHeart UK. It was quite a bit of extra work to make a four-page triptych rather than a three-page one but it felt so rewarding and was totally worth it. The High priestess is such a rich and potent stage and makes so much more sense to me than jumping straight from the mother/creatrix into the crone.

Please note: There were many steps involved in the creation of this piece, including the use of collage material in the earlier layers and choosing tarot cards for guidance on the journey. These are not my own creations and I am grateful for the inspiration that they gave me. Most of the collage material was transformed from its original state by my own drawings and additions, with the exception of Caroline Hiscock’s wolves that remain in their original and magnificent state. However, the tarot card drawings are copies of the originals and are meant to represent the original cards as closely as my drawing skills allow. Please see credits below.

This video is intended to give a sense of travelling through the piece as a whole. For still images and more information please check out my blogpost on The Reluctant Crone class here.

If there is a problem viewing the video, you can see it on my youtube channel here.

– The four tarot cards on the cover page are hand-drawn copies of the cards I pulled from The Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince which gave me invaluable guidance on my journey.
– Wolves by Caroline Hiscock. These are printables from the magical tuck shop of Art Witch Academy.
– Some of the collage material used in earlier layers of the piece comes from the following magazines: Breathe Magazine, Simple Things Magazine and Womankind magazine.

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