Travel News

This is the story of a different kind of cave hidden in the foothills of the moon. * * * During the course of this NaPoWriMo, without intending to, I've developed a method of sorts for creating art journaling poems out of words from the newspaper. It goes something like this: I create a background or …

The street is not a street

I am diving into comics poetry this Autumn, inspired by Bianca Stone's online poetry comics class. What is a comics poem and how do you go about writing/drawing one? In the happy absence of fixed methods and definitions, I began checking out this mysterious territory. I started with the text from my recent poem, Fox, …

Chapter 3: The Gypsy on the Moon

In which our heroine lands on the moon, eats Portuguese custard tarts with the moon-gypsy, and has her fortune read in the cards. To be continued... Join our heroine tomorrow for the concluding chapter: The Great Rodeo in the Sky! You can catch up on the story so far here and here.

Chapter 2: The Convention of the Birds

In which our heroine flies on the back of an Eagle, joins the Convention of the Birds atop a great mountain, and catches hold of the moon with her golden lasso. To be continued... Join our heroine tomorrow for Chapter 3: The Gypsy on the Moon! You can catch up on Chapter 1 here.

The Moon Girl

Our final project for Comics: Art in Relationship was to create thumbnails for a 6-8 page story. Never having done such a long comics story before, I nearly bottled out. But then the story of ‘The Moon Girl’ came knocking on my door and I decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did. It made me realise …